Year One

by 100HandSlap

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"Welcome to Chuggtune.........."

As 100HandSlap, Michael Routledge combines chip elements with heavy metal instrumentation and powerful vocals to produce a signature sound that both lofi-electronic fans and rock aficionados can instantly appreciate but with enough depth to suck you deep into his Chuggtune® world. Crank it up, soak it in, and find yourself hoping that "Year One" is just one of many to come!

Download includes lyrics, alternate cover, and LSDJ-only versions of all 4 tracks.


released January 28, 2013

Cat# DTR00028

100HandSlap - Year One

All songs written and arranged by Michael Routledge.
Additional Guitars on "Apocalypse Now and Then", "Save Me" and "The Hunt" by Mark D'Vaz.
Drum Programming by Michael Routledge and Mark D'Vaz.
Vocals, Lyrics, Keyboards/Piano, Guitars and LSDJ by Michael Routledge.

Written and recorded between Nov 2011 and Nov 2012.
Produced and Engineered by Mark D'Vaz at MDV Productions



all rights reserved


Datathrash Recordings Bowling Green, Kentucky


Lofi electronic hardcore music is our business and business is good. We are a record label with roots in the chipmusic scene and eyes towards the future!

Current staff: Abandoned On Fire, Optimus Chad, AndaruGO, e.s.c., Nestrogen
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Track Name: Save Me
Save Me:

Save me,
Another bit of me gets up and leaves,
I've sold my soul so many times that,
Its just not worth anything.

Save me,
From myself I'm my worst enemy,
Not worried I might lose my faith cos,
I had no faith anyway.

Please save me,
I'm breaking,
I feel it coming down in my head,
I'm sleeping,
Don't wake me,
This world is more than I can take,
I'm happy,
Just dreaming,
Of a World where I crush them under my heel,
My patience,
Is fading,
And its getting to the point where I don't give a fuck.

Save me,
My souls destroyed by this monotony,
A hundred years may just go by and,
I might not do anything.

Save me,
I'm getting used to all this misery,
Don't wanna be more scared to live than,
I think I am scared to die.

You gotta save me x4.
Track Name: Apocalypse Now and Then
Apocalypse Now and Then:

Broken World, they pick and pull and push their fingers through,
A shallow semblance of what we knew,
I have to shut my eyes once again.

A primal scream is restrained,
I'm sat in silence watching apathy reign,
A million years wash away,
And I prepare for the Apocalypse now and then.

Tragic Wand, is waving over me and I concede,
A little imolation might just set me free,
But it don't go down too well.

Another scream is restrained,
I start to itch as I hold my tongue again,
I'm starting to think its the end,
And I prepare for my Apocalypse now and then.

I swear I tried to smile,
And close my eyes,
And shut my ears,
And bite my lip,
And just accept,
What we've become,
I swear I tried.....
I swear I tried.
Track Name: Psalm 275
Psalm 275:

Dear God, you gotta help us now cos we just don't wanna try,
We'd rather be on our knees than our feet when we die.

In the beggining there was darkness,
And the darkness was without form and void,
And in the midst of the darkness there was also me,
And I saw that I was alone,
Let there be light.

Light, I bring you light,
And you, make black from the white,
I see through your lies,
And I'll smile as it dies.

Dear God, you really gotta help cos now I think we've run out of time,
So wrapped in lethargy and apathy and it was a crime.

Crime does pay,
I see a new example every day,
Shut the light,
I never thought we'd see a day when you'd turn out the light.

Let there be light.

Light, I brought you light,
But it, all ends here tonight,
You failed, to win your last fight,
And now, taste all of my spite.
Track Name: The Hunt
The Hunt:

Emerging from inside me,
I hate myself for what I am,
We're weaker than you'll ever know,
I've tried so hard but I've let go,
Push down the hatred all I can,
But the Hunt is replacing the man.

I will hunt you down,
Where are you gonna go?,
I'll never eat, I'll never sleep no,
I'll never let you go.

Mein leben,
Ich werde jagen sie nach unten,
Wo gehst du hin zu gehen?,
Ich werde sie zerstoren,
Bin nie zufrieden nein.

And now it seems I remember,
I know just who and what I am,
Horrific visions plague my mind,
Can't see no more and now I'm blind,
I try to salvage what I can,
But the Hunt is replacing the man.

I will hunt you down,
Where are you gonna go?,
I'll never eat, I'll never sleep no,
I'll never let you go.

Mein leben,
Ich werde jagen sie nach unten,
Wogehst du hin zu gehen,
Ich werde sie zerstoren,
Bin nie zufrieden nein.